HL7 Sender

A HL7 'Sender' is a piece of software that sends messages to a HL7 listener application over TCP/IP MLLP. To accomplish this task we have the UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Router for HL7+. All of the Router software installs on your client computers/servers when you download and install the Client Console software.To use the Router software just add 1 or more outgoing ports to one of your HL7+ Client Installations using your Management Console software (See the Online Help).

HL7+ TCP/IP Router ConfigurationTCP/IP HL7 Router Configuration

 Our HL7 TCP/IP Router software has many great features including: 

 AlertOnline Help for the Router and other HL7+ Features

Download The HL7+ Client Console

MS Windows 64 bit .MSI installer Click HERE to download the installer for the MS-Windows 64 bit operating systems.